How do I delete my credit card references on Aliexpress ?

Whether you have made it by mistake, or that it is a choice, being able to withdraw the references of his credit card from Aliexpress is not necessarily easy. I have had numerous testimonials from customers of Aliexpress who have registered their credit card without doing so on purpose . Indeed, it goes very quickly to click on Accept without really having read the general conditions.

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It is not particularly worrying to have its credit card number stored on Aliexpress servers. The security risk is extremely low . In truth, it is probably more risky to enter your credit card number each time you make a chat, than to use the number that is stored on Aliexpress servers. That’s just my opinion.

Your credit card number and most often saved on two places

Delete my credit card reference on alipay

To do this, you must authenticate to alipay. Then you have to go to the Edit Maps section and there you can delete the information about your map.

Delete references from my card on Aliexpress

It is very important to note that the references of your credit card are not necessarily stored at Aliexpress. In fact, these references can be stored on your browser. In other words, Aliexpress does not know your credit card number in its database. Your browser, offers to store the references of your credit card. This is not related to Aliexpress. It is your browser (internet explorer, firefox or chrome) that offers you this function.
The easiest method is to go to the settings section of your browser, click advanced settings at the bottom of the page, and finally, in the password and form section, uncheck enable autocomplete to fill in Web forms.

I take this opportunity to make a small point on the security of payments on the Internet.

After discussing with a computer security specialist, it turns out that in his opinion the storage of passwords on a server of e-commerce sites does not present a risk in the easiest sense or difficulty of hacking, but can Just present a risk if someone is interested in the information base of this site. This is quite rare. Indeed, far from the myth of the small pirate in his apartment capable of attacking large sites like that of the CIA, today, to hack large e-commerce sites and especially the database of bank details, It is necessary to act in groups, to be coordinated, and above all to be motivated. To get there, you really do not have a chance. In fact, there are much simpler methods to acquire your bank details. From there, I will say that the risk is moderate when you choose to store your password on an e-commerce site. It does not really matter whether it is a French or foreign e-commerce site.

But where is the real risk?

The real risk concerning your bank details, is on your computer. It is also likely to be on your smartphone.
This risk is simply related to the software you install on your computer throughout its lifetime. If you are not a computer scientist, you can not know if your software is malicious benevolent. Notably, regarding software hacking. Know that nothing is free on the Internet. When you download software illegally, you can expect that on top there are a number of small malicious hidden software. These software are responsible for retrieving the information you enter on your e-commerce sites. For example, if you enter your credit card details on a site, regardless of whether it’s Aliexpress or Amazon, the risk is exactly the same. This little software will retrieve your bank details, and send them to the pirate.

So be sure to thoroughly clean your computer before performing a transaction on an e-commerce site. To clean them, there are many programs among which you will find malwarebytes, ccleaner, adaware, and antivirus. (I use those there, but there are others)

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